Keeping your documents safe in a digital world

In today’s digitally driven world, we send large amounts of personal documents through email.  We like the convenience of sending through email to avoid the trip across town or using your lunch hour for errands.  It is nice to speed up the communication to get your business done faster.   We switch quite easily to the digital age but have we considered how it all works.

Do you have some basic understanding of how email works?  Did you know that email is not private?  Have you taken the time to research the best way to send personal documents?  Do you know the best way to encrypt documents attached to your email? Does your accountant or financial planner use the right tools to help you with this?

These are great questions to ask when considering how to send your documents digitally.  I encourage everyone to know the answers to these questions if you are going to send personal documents through your email.  Let me see if I can help you start your process.

Email encryption software is a very important tool that everyone should use.  The reality is that email is rarely encrypted and therefore vulnerable to theft or unwanted access.  In order to insure that only your recipient has access to your emailed documents you will need to rely on software that provides encryption services.

Here at Innovative Solutions CPAs & Advisors we use software to encrypt email and attachments.  This helps to make sure the recipient is the only person who can see it.  We also store documents on an encrypted portal so clients can download them anytime through SHAREFILE portal.  There are several good email encryption softwares to choose from in the app market place.  Some of the ones I recommend are Share file, Trustfi and Proof point. Research the one that works best for you and your business type.

After researching your choices, try a couple out on a trial basis to see which one works for you.  This way you get to see how they work before committing to just one and you know your documents are protected.

Then email away!