Local COVID-19 Resources

The economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic has left many individuals and businesses struggling financially. Small business owners are struggling with new safety guidelines, closures, and changing customer needs. Adapting to all these changes of course is costly, and many businesses are having to invest during a period of decreased revenue. With dysfunction at the federal level, local governments are stepping up to help. Many counties and cities have created grant programs to assist business owners.

Yolo County has a new COVID-19 Small Business Grant Program. Applications will be accepted September 28th through October 4th. Eligible businesses are those with 25 or fewer full-time employees located in Yolo County. These small grants reimburse businesses for expenses related to the impacts of COVID-19. Eligible expenses include costs to pivot to outdoor business, payroll and employee support, PPE costs, rent, and increasing technology costs to enable telecommuting. See the county’s website for further information: yolocounty.org/small-business-grant

In Yolo County, COVID-19 Relief Fund Grants are providing resources to non-profit organizations that support individuals. Organizations that have received funding are helping locals pay for childcare, rent, and healthcare or are helping students cope with distance learning with remote tutoring and technology. For more information visit yolocf.org/grants/yolo-covid-19-nonprofit-relief-fund/

Solano County is accepting applications for the Rebuild Solano’s Small Businesses grant program through September 30th. Eligible businesses are those based in Solano County with 50 or fewer employees. With this grant program, Solano‚Äôs Small Business Development Center aims to prevent layoffs and business closures. These micro-grants will fund approximately 400 businesses. Visit solanosbdc.org to apply.

In Sacramento, DowntownSac.org has a Fork 2 Farm Relief grant program specifically for restaurants and food-related retailers. Eligible businesses are those within the central city area as defined on the website. Each micro-grant is up to $2,500.

In these challenging times, businesses need support and guidance. Please contact us if you would like help sorting out loan tracking, tax planning, and year-round accounting support.