I Can Do That… but Should You?

I Can Do That… but Should You?

Yes, you started the business and you’ve managed it from the start.  You remember the first years of ups and downs, unsure if you’ll make payroll, working mad hours to secure a solid customer base, dealing with supplier headaches, collections and anything else that came at you from day to day.


Now you have a dependable, capable staff, a relatively solid customer base, and reliable suppliers and subcontractors.  Yet you’re still the one who is dealing with so many of those day to day issues.  You find this frustrating, yet it’s often so hard to give that all up, but the truth is:  You Must Delegate!


Delegating and then letting go is critical and challenging.  We need to realize that not delegating leads us to stagnant businesses, frustrated staff and an unhappy workplace.  This is a truth I must remind myself of constantly!  It’s so easy to go back into the “it will just be easier if I do this myself” mode.  But easier and better are two different things and we want our businesses to be better!


The challenge then is that in order to effectively delegate to your capable staff, you must organize the task you should not be doing, explain the way you want it accomplished, then monitor it to insure the task is performed to your desired specifications.


Remember that you run a business, you do not perform all of the tasks in the business.  So the next time you start working on a task, ask yourself:  should this be my job?  Have I already hired someone to do this job?  Then one by one, effectively delegate those jobs to the people who should be performing the task.


I’d love to have coffee with you and hear your greatest challenge in this area.   Together, I know we can come up with a game plan to free you of these tasks and allow you to grow your business and empower your staff.


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